Individual Coaching

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Breaking free from unconscious patterns:

The Art of Thriving

8 Essential Elements

an 8 Month Journey

  1. Increasing self awareness

  2. Gaining Self compassion and empathy

  3. Accepting All Aspects

  4. Integrating the shadow

  5. Practicing Authenticity

  6. Cultivating Discernment

  7. Listening to Inner guidance

  8. Creating Congruence/Aligning your life

Gina and Coy each work with individuals to discover the unconscious beliefs, shadow or excluded inner parts, internal conflicts that create anxiety, and limiting stories that reside beneath the surface, which impact our life without our knowing. Much of this arises to protect our core wounds or in response to the traumas we have experienced. As these beliefs and shadow parts are revealed, individuals are able to experience effortless transformations that lead to more inner peace and spaciousness. Integration of various parts creates a sense of wholeness and feeling “comfortable in your own skin”. Clients learn to offer themselves more acceptance, compassion, and empathy, which increases their perception of self worth. Old cyclical patterns of self sabotage fall away, as do walls of protection (that hold their partner and others at bay), and feelings of being stagnant or lost. This allows them to champion the voice of their true authentic and radiant self. From this place of enhanced self love and awareness, people are able to consciously create the same feeling tone in their relationships, as well as in all areas of their life.



  • 4 x 90 minute Session with either Coy or Gina

  • $400/paid per month

  • $380/mo. ($160 discount) if entire 8 Month Program is pre-paid in 1 or 2 installments


Every other week CONSCIOUS LIVING SESSION (two a Month)

  • 2 x 90 minute Session with either Coy or Gina

  • $200/paid per month

  • $185/mo. ($120 discount) if the entire 8 Month program is pre-paid in 1 or 2 installments

Custom Programs:

If neither the accelerated nor the gradual program work for you, and you would prefer to do something different, we will create a custom program to suite your needs.