Online or In person Coaching

We work with Individuals, Couples, and Families to break generational patterns and toxic cycles. This guidance allows people to become radiantly alive and more connected in all their relationships. Our clients receive sessions remotely online, as well as in person.


Individual Coaching:

Breaking Free from Unconscious Patterns

Have you noticed certain toxic patterns and cycles happening repeatedly in your life, keeping you stuck and stealing your joy? Many of these patterns have passed through generations. When you are able to free yourself, you become radiantly alive, and this ripples out to those around you as well as future generations.

Gina and Coy guide each individual on a journey to experience more self-awareness and compassion. This allows you to lead a more authentic life, feeling comfortable in your own skin. As the process unfolds, you discover your true inner guidance. This guidance creates alignment in all areas of your life, as the path to your unique purpose unfolds before you.

Conscious Couples.jpg

Conscious Couple:

The Lean In Practice

Do you and your partner feel distant at times, or yearn for more connection, intimacy, compassion in your communication, and the sense that you’re on the same team?

Coy and Gina have created a unique process that allows couples to lean in to conflict or challenging emotions, in themselves or the other. Instead of avoiding certain topics, repressing hard feelings, pretending things are ok, and then having a blow up fight, we help you learn to stay connected throughout the ups and downs of daily life. This allows couples to feel seen, heard and understood by each other in order to build the magnetic bond that we all crave in our relationships!


Functional Family:

Creating the Road Map

Many of us wish that our parents had better modeled for us how to be a fully empowered man or woman, living our most radiant life; or how to create a conscious intimate relationship; or had provided us a road map as to what a well functioning family life looks like. Although they did the best that they could, we may find ourselves in need of more guidance, skills, and tools in order to truly thrive in our families and in all aspects of our life.

Our process offers parents a road map to the kind of dynamics that allow the entire family to truly thrive!

Coy and Gina are superb coaches for couples! They demonstrate authenticity and transparency and walk their talk. Highly recommend them!