Radiant Wholeness
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About Us 

At Radiant Wholeness, we are passionate about helping people to experience more well being internally and to have more harmony in their relationships and families. We support individuals to break free from generational patterns and toxic cycles and feel whole and radiant. We work with couples to find the connection, intimacy, and magic that they are yearning for. We help families to move past power struggles, punishments and rewards; and cultivate a sense of everyone being on the same team. Check out our many options for in-person or online coaching, customized personal retreats, group workshops, and our video series “Getting Heated with the Heaths.”


On-Line or IN-Person Coaching 

We work with Individuals, Couples, and Families to become more radiantly alive. Receive the guidance you need to thrive in your life and feel more connected in all your relationships. We have a variety of programs to choose from.

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Retreats at Ivy Bluffs

Custom Retreats for Individuals, Couples, and Families.

We create 2-7 day custom retreats to jump start your shift from being stuck in old patterns, to feeling fully alive and aligned with your values, as an individual. We work with couples to shift from feeling disconnected at times, to communicating compassionately, connecting consciously, increasing intimacy, and building their bond. Finally, we help parents shift from being stuck in power struggles to being in collaboration with their kids, creating a sense that everyone is on the same team.

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Get a glimpse into how we “get heated” at our house. We show ways to shift from divisiveness to being on the same side, even when we’re pissed or hurt or….

I’m not the “work on myself” kind of person. I grew up in a home where we would stuff our emotions down so that we wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings or make someone angry. I never learned how to say what was true for me or coming up for me. I never had the tools. And now I do.
Thanks to Gina and Coy I am not only finding the strength to be authentic, I am finding a way to listen with empathy to the feelings and needs of the most important person in the world to me, and as a result we’re making breakthroughs that we were never able to make with traditional talk therapy.
I am able to see that real and lasting change is possible for me and for everyone in my world, at work, at home, and in friendship.